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Pushing the frontier of drug discovery with the world’s most powerful supercomputer

A team of laboratory technicians conduct a series of tests on a

2024: AI and scientists take turns at the wheel of drug discovery

African Businesswoman Using Analytics Data KPI Dashboard Tech

Survey: Wielding AI magic in clinical trials requires a master’s touch

Medical Science Laboratory with Diverse Multi-Ethnic Team of Biotechnology Scientists Developing Drugs, Microbiologist Working on Computer with Display Showing Gene Editing Interface.

Mapping the roughly 3,000 biotech and pharma layoffs in early 2024


Big Pharma clicks soared, but new cell therapies made you buzz: What drove biopharma interest in 2023?

Doctor work with laptop computer,digital healthcare technology,system analysis network connection hologram virtual screen interface,online medical examination analysis report,banner panoramic header

Skynet with benefits: Can AI and humans become a drug discovery superorganism?

Magellan from Gain Therapeutics

Gain Therapeutics’ supercomputer-driven therapy offers potential Parkinson’s breakthrough

The AI Meets Life Sci podcast with Kayleen Brown and Brian Buntz explores AI's role in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, biotech, medtech and more.

When will drug development have its ChatGPT moment? Inside ambitious AI initiatives at Sanofi and Medable

hemodialysis in people on the equipment

Beyond diabetes and obesity: Can GLP-1 therapies also transform chronic disease treatment?