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Double exposure microscope and Young woman scientific using equipment in the laboratory for research.

8 considerations to boost clinical trial productivity with AI while dodging hallucination hurdles

Themis, symbol of law on modern background. Court, legal system and justice.

A timeline of Merck’s legal battle over Medicare negotiation

Bipolar disorder concept showing a head silhouette of a man split in black and white, representing mood changes, emotions, and dual personality

Rethinking treatment options for patients diagnosed with bipolar 1 disorder


Beyond the trip with non-hallucinogenic psychoplastogens in neuropsychiatry

Alt text: Researcher's hand holding a DNA helix in a test tube, symbolizing biotechnology innovation and scientific discovery.

2023 investment outlook reveals resilient life sciences sector despite funding fluctuations

Bayer in the Drug Discovery & Development Pharma 50

Decoding Bayer’s digital health leap and its implications on drug discovery and personalized medicine

UBS: Generative AI is no silver bullet for drug discovery

Johnson & Johnson Janssen pharmaceutical business in the Pharma 50

Guselkumab offers sustained improvements for psoriatic arthritis patients in phase 3b trial

View of marble columns and greek classical architecture of the U

Amgen v. Sanofi: A Supreme Court decision steers drug developers into uncharted waters